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Amazon Offers Private Clouds

While Amazon initially resisted offering a private cloud, and there are many advocates of the public cloud, Amazon recently introduced a new Virtual Public Cloud, or VPC. While many bloggers question whether or not Amazon’s VPC is truly a “virtually” private cloud or a “virtual” private cloud, there are some who believe that the VPC may be a way to break down the difficulties that face customers seeking to adopt cloud computing, such as security, ownership and virtualization. The following paragraphs will address each of these issues and how Amazon’s VPC would alleviate them.

One of the key concerns facing customers adopting cloud computing is the perceived security risks that may occur, but the placebo cloud may assuage these risks. The security risk stems from the past experiences of customers’; these customers believe that any connections made using Amazon’s VPN must be secure, even if they are connecting into a series of shared resources. Using Amazon’s private cloud, customers will deploy and consume the applications in an environment that they feel is safe and secure.

Amazon’s VPC provides a sense of ownership to customers without letting them actually own the computing. Customers may initially be skeptical about not owning the computing, thus it is up to Amazon’s marketing engine to provide ample information to alleviate that worry.

As long as the customers’ business goals are fully realized with Amazon’s VPC, they need not necessarily understand nor care about the differences between virtualization and the cloud. In using the VPC, customers are able to use VPN, and network-virtualization—the existing technology stack that they are already comfortable with. In addition, the VPC would allow the partners to enable the customers to bridge the gap between their on-premise systems to the cloud to create a hybrid virtualization environment, which spans several resources.

Whether or not some favor the public cloud, the customer should be able to first choose to enter into cloud computing and later choose which way to leverage the cloud on their own.  For more information about Private Clouds, please visit