Nubifer Cloud:Link

Nubifer Cloud:Link monitors your enterprise systems in real-time and strengthens interoperability with disparate owned and leased SaaS systems. When building enterprise mash-ups, custom addresses and custom source codes are created by engineers to bridge the white space, also known as electronic hand-shakes, between the various enterprise applications within your organization. By utilizing Nubifer Cloud:Link, you gain a real-time and historic view of system-based interactions.

Cloud:Link is designed and configured via robust administrative tools to monitor custom enterprise mash-ups and deliver real-time notifications, warning and performance metrics of your separated yet interconnected business systems. Cloud:Link offers the technology and functionality to help your company monitor and audit your enterprise system configurations.

Powerful components of Cloud:Link make managing enterprise grade mash-ups simple and easy.

  • Cloud:Link inter-operates with other analytic engines including popular tracking engines (eg: Google Analytics)
  • RIA (Rich Internet Applications): reporting, graphs and charts
  • WEB API handles secure key param calls
  • Verb- and Action-based scripting language powered by “Verbal Script”
  • XML Schema Reporting capabilities
  • Runs on-premise, as an installed solution, or in the cloud as a SaaS offering
  • Client-side recording technology tracks and stores ‘x’ and ‘y’ coordinate usage of enterprise screens for compliance, legal and regulatory play back
  • Graphical snapshots of hot maps show historical views of user interaction and image hit state selections
  • Creates a method for large systems to employ “data and session playback” technologies of system-generated and user-generated interaction sessions in a meaningful and reproducible way

Cloud:Link monitors and reports enterprise system handshakes, configurations, connections and latency reports in real time. Additionally, Cloud:Link rolls the data view up to your IT staff and system stakeholders via rich dashboards of charts and performance metrics. Cloud:Link also has a robust and scalable analytic data repository that keeps an eye on the connection points of enterprise applications, and audits things like “valid ssl cert warnings or pending expirations”, “mid to high latency warnings”, “ip logging”, “custom gateway SSO (Single Sign-On) landing page monitoring” among many other tracking features.

also leverages Google Analytics by way of Cloud:Link extended AP,  which can complete parallel calls to your Google Analytics account API, and send data, logs, analytic summaries, and physical click and interface points by the end users to any third party provider or data store for use in your own systems.

On the server side, Cloud:Link is a server-based application you can install or subscribe to as a service. Data points and Machine-to-Machine interaction is tracked at every point during a systems interaction. The Cloud:Link monitor can track remote systems without being embedded or adopted by the networked system, however, if your company chooses to leverage the Cloud:Link API for URI Mashup Tracking, you can see even more detailed real time reports of system interoperability and up-time.

On the client side, leverage Cloud:Link’s browser plug-in within your enterprise to extend your analytic reach into the interactions by your end-users. This approach is particularly powerful when tracking large systems being used by all types of users. Given the proper installation and setup, your company can leverage robust “Session Playback” of human interaction with your owned and leased corporate business systems.

Nubifer Inc. focuses on interoperability in the enterprise. Disparate applications operating in independent roles and duties need unified index management, Single Sign-On performance tracking, and application integration monitoring.

  • User Admin logs in and sees a dashboard with default reporting widgets configurable by the admin user
  • “My Reports” (Saved Wizard generated reports) and can be setup to auto send reports to key stake holders in your IT or Operations group
  • Logs (Raw log review in Text Area, exportable to csv, or API post to remote FTP account)
  • Users (Connecting known vs. unknown connecting IP’s)
  • Systems (URI lists of SSO (Single Sign-On)paths to your SaaS and on Premise Apps) – An Enterprise Schematic Map of your On-Prem and Cloud-Hosted Applications

At the core of Nubifer’s products are Nubifer Cloud:Portal, Nubifer Cloud:Link, and Nubifer Cloud:Connector, which offer machine-to-machine real time analytics, tracking and playback of machine to machine interaction for human viewers using Rich Internet Application Components to view on customize-able dashboards. Nubifer Cloud:Link enables large publicly traded or heavily regulated companies to follow compliance laws, regulations, such as SOX, SaS70, HL7/HPPA, and mitigate the risk of not knowing how your systems are interacting on a day to day basis.

Currently Cloud:Link is hosted on, and compatible with:

  • Microsoft® Windows Azure™ Platform
  • Amazon® EC3
  • Google® App Engine
  • On-Premise Hosted

To learn more about Cloud:Link technology please contact or visit to find out how you can begin using the various features offered by Nubifer Cloud:Link.

  1. Great post. Thanks for the helpful cheat sheets. Now maybe I’ll get my head wrapped around this stuff. Probably not, but it’s a goal. Gotta have them goals.

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