Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud Platform EC2 Gets Windows Server Customers from Microsoft

Amazon has launched an initiative for Microsoft customers to bring their Windows Server licenses to Amazons EC2, Elastic Compute Cloud Platform. This initiative is in tandem with a brand new Microsoft pilot program which allows Windows Server customers with an EA (Enterprise Agreement) with Microsoft to bring their licenses to Amazon EC2. Peter DeSantis, general manager of EC2 at Amazon, said in a recent interview with eWEEK that these customers will pay Amazon’s Linux On-Demand or Reserved Instance rates and thus save between 35 to 50 percent, depending on the type of customer and instance.

Also in his interview with eWEEK, DeSantis said that Amazon customers have sought support for Windows Server and Amazon has delivered support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Customers with EA agreements with Microsoft began to ask if those agreements could be applied to EC2 instances, thus the new pilot program. Amazon announced the new initiative on March 24 and began enrolling customers instantaneously. According to DeSantis, enrollment will continue through September 12, 2010.

Amazon sent out a notice announcing the program and stated the following criteria as requirements laid out by Microsoft to participate in the pilot: your company must be based or have legal entity in the United States; your company must have an existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that doesn’t expire within 12 months of your entry into the Pilot; you must already have purchased Software Assurance from Microsoft for your EA Windows Server licenses; you must be an Enterprise customer (this does not include Academic Government institutions).

eWEEK revealed some of the fine print for the project released by Amazon:

“Once enrolled, you can move your Enterprise Agreement Windows Server Standard, Windows Server Enterprise, or Windows Server Datacenter edition licenses to Amazon EC2 for 1 year. Each of your Windows Server Standard licenses will let you launch one EC2 instance. Each of your Windows Server Enterprise or Windows Server Datacenter licenses will let you launch up to four EC2 instances. In either case, you can use any of the EC2 instance types. The licenses you bring to EC2 can only be moved between EC2 and your on-premises machines every 90 days. You can use your licenses in the US East (Northern Virginia) or US West (Northern California) Regions. You will still be responsible for maintaining your Client Access Licenses and External Connector licenses appropriately.” To learn more about Microsoft’s and Amazon’s Cloud offerings visit

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