Cisco, Verizon and Novell Make Announcements about Plans to Secure the Cloud

Cisco Systems, Verizon Business and Novell announce plans to launch offerings designed to heighten security in the cloud.

On April 28, Cisco announced security services based around email and the Internet that are part of the company’s cloud protection push and its Secure Borderless Network architecture; Cisco’s Secure Borderless Network architecture seeks to give users secure access to their corporate resources on any device, anywhere, at anytime.

Cisco’s IronPort Email Data Loss Prevention and Encryption, and ScanSafe Web Intelligence Reporting are designed to work with Cisco’s other web security solutions to grant companies more flexibility when it comes to their security offerings while streamlining management requirements, increasing visibility and lowering costs.

Verizon and Novell made an announcement on April 28 about their plans to collaborate to create an on-demand identity and access management service called Secure Access Services from Verizon. Secure Access Services from Verizon is designed to enable enterprises to decide and manage who is granted access to cloud-based resources. According to the companies, the identity-as-a-server solution is the first of what will be a host of joint offerings between Verizon and Novell.

According to eWeek, studies continuously indicate that businesses are likely to continue trending toward a cloud-computing environment. With that said, issues concerning security and access control remain key concerns. Officials from Cisco, Verizon and Novell say that the new services will allow businesses to feel more at ease while planning their cloud computing strategies.

“The cloud is a critical component of Cisco’s architectural approach, including its Secure Borderless Network architecture,” said vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Security technology business unit Tom Gillis in a statement. “Securing the cloud is highly challenging. But it is one of the top challenges that the industry must rise to meet as enterprises increasingly demand the flexibility, accessibility and ease of management that cloud-based applications offer for their mobile and distributed workforces.”

Cisco purchased ScanSafe in December 2009 and the result is Cisco’s ScanSafe Web Intelligence Reporting platform. The platform is designed to give users a better idea of how their Internet resources are being used, and the objective is to ensure that business-critical workloads aren’t being encumbered by non-business-related traffic. Cisco’s ScanSafe Web Intelligence Reporting platform can report on user-level data and information on Web communications activities within second, and offers over 80 predefined reports.

Designed to protect outbound email in the cloud, the IronPort email protection solution is perfect for enterprises that don’t want to manage their email. Cisco officials say that it provides hosted mailboxes (while keeping control of email policies) and also offers the option of integrated encryption.

Officials say Cisco operates over 30 data centers around the globe and that security offerings handle large quantities of activity each day—including 2.8 billion reputation look-ups, 2.5 billion web requests and the detection of more than 250 billion span messages—and these are the latest in the company’s expanding portfolio of cloud security offerings.

Verizon and Novell’s collaboration—the Secure Access Services—are designed to enable enterprises to move away from the cost and complexity associated with using traditional premises0based identity and access management software for securing applications. These new services offer centralized management of web access to applications and networks in addition to identity federation and web single sign-on.

Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian released a statement saying, “Security and identity management are critical to accelerating cloud computing adoption and by teaming with Verizon we can deliver these important solutions.” While Verizon brings the security expertise, infrastructure, management capabilities and portal to the service, Novell provides the identity and security software. For more information contact a Nubifer representative today.

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