Cloud Computing Security Play Made by McAfee with McAfee Cloud Secure

A new service targeting Software-as-a-Service providers from McAfee combines vulnerability scanning and security certification for cloud infrastructures. The service—called the McAfee Cloud Secure program—is basically designated to compliment annual audits of security and process controls most cloud vendors undergo for the purpose of certification. McAfee officials say that with McAfee Cloud Secure they will team up with certification providers to offer an additional level of security by offering a daily scan of application, network perimeter and infrastructure vulnerabilities. Those that pass will be rewarded with a “McAfee SECURE” seal of approval.

Earlier this month at the RSA security conference, securing cloud environments was a major topic up for discussion. A survey by IDC on attitudes towards the cloud revealed that 87.5 percent of participants said the most significant obstacles to cloud adoption were security concerns. IDC analyst Christian Christiansen said in a statement, “SaaS vendors have a difficult time convincing prospects that their services are secure and safe.” According to Christiansen, though, McAfee’s new offering is a step in the right direction toward increased security in the cloud.

McAfee and other vendors have discussed providing security from the cloud in the past, but this announcement shows the increasing focus on providing solutions to secure cloud environments themselves in the industry.

Marc Olesen, senior vice president and general manager of McAfee’s Software-as-a-Service business said in an interview with eWEEK, ” McAfee looks at the cloud really from three different angles, which is security from the cloud, in the cloud and for the cloud. What’s really been out there today are (annual) process certification audits … that address the process controls and security controls that cloud providers have in place. This has typically been an ISO-27001 certification or an SAS-70 certification that cloud providers are suing, and we feel that that’s very important, but it’s just a start.” For more information please contact a Nubifer representative today.

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