EMC CEO Joe Tucci Predicts Many Clouds in the Future

EMC isn’t alone in focusing on cloud computing during the EMC World 2010 show, as IT vendors, analysts and the like are buzzing about the cloud. But according to EMC CEO Joe Tucci, the storage giant has a new prediction for the future of cloud computing. During his keynote speech on May 10, and a subsequent discussion with reporters and analysts, Tucci said that EMC’s vision of the future varies from others because it sees many private clouds. This exists in stark contrast with the vision of only a few vendors—like Google, Amazon and Microsoft—offering massive public clouds.

“There won’t be four, five or six giant cloud providers. At the end of the day, you’ll have tens of thousands of private clouds and hundreds of public clouds,” said Tucci.

EMC plans on taking on the role of helping businesses move to private cloud environments, where IT administrators have the ability to view multiple data centers as a single pool of resources. These enterprises with their public clouds will also work with public cloud environments, according to Tucci.

The increased complexity and costs of current data centers serve as a catalyst for the demand for cloud computing models. Tucci says that this explosion of data—which comes from multiple sources, including the growth of mobile device users, medical imaging advancements, increased access to broadband and smart devices—is poised to grow further. “Obviously, we need a new approach, because … infrastructures are too complex and too costly. Enter the cloud. This is the new approach,” Tucci said.

According to Tucci, clouds will be based mainly on x86 architectures, feature converged networks and federated resources and will be dynamic, secure, flexible, cost efficient and reliable. These clouds will also be accessible via multiple devices, a growing need due to the ever-increasing use of mobile devices.

EMC’s May 10 announcements were focused on the push for the private cloud, including the introduction of the VPlex appliances and an expanded networking strategy. Said Tucci, “Our mission is to be your guide and to help you on this journey to the private cloud.”

Tucci said that because of the high level of performance in x86 processors from Intel and Advances Micro Devices, he isn’t predicting a long-term future for other architectures in cloud computing. Tucci used Intel’s eight-core Xeon 7500 “Nehalem EX” processors, which can offer up to 1 terabyte of storage, with systems OEMs prepping to unveil servers with as many as eight processors as an example.

Speaking about the overall growth of x86 processor shipments and revenues, Tucci said that RISC architectures and mainframes will continue to slip: “What I’m saying is, we’re convinced, and everything, that EMC does, and everything Cisco does, will be x86-based. Yes, we’re placing a bet on x86, and we’re going to an all-x86 world.” EMC is currently in the midst of a three-year process of migrating to a private cloud environment. This will include abandoning platforms like Solaris and moving to an all-x86 environment. For more information, please visit Nubifer.com.

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