Zoho CRM, Invoice & Projects now Integrate with Gmail

Zoho announced today that Zoho CRM, Invoice & Projects now integrate with Gmail through Contextual Gadgets. Gmail Contextual Gadgets is a way for users to integrate third party applications into Gmail. When a user installs a contextual gadget in Gmail, the gadget shows up when that individual opens an email. The gadget can contain information pulled in from various third-party systems (eg: Zoho CRM, Invoice and Projects) and displayed contextually within that email.

Google announced this earlier this year, but Zoho unveiled today that they have created contextual gadgets for their CRM, Invoice & Projects applications.

Following are a few examples of tasks that can be accomplished leveraging Zoho’s Contextual Gadgets.

Zoho CRM

  • With a click of the mouse, users can search to see if the sender exists in your CRM system.
  • From within an email, users can add the sender to the Zoho CRM as a Contact or a Lead without having to leave their Gmail domain.
  • Users can add a Potential to a Contact, updating it from directly within the email message.
  • If the sender exists within the users CRM database, all details relating to the contact can be viewed within the email.
  • Users can Add/View Tasks and Notes to the sender within the email.

Zoho Invoice

  • If the sender exists within the system, their information is pulled from Zoho Invoice and displayed within the email message.
  • All emails sent from Zoho Invoice to the specified user are listed within the gadget, creating an Email History for each contact within the users’ database.
  • Users can view all unpaid invoices with the status as ‘Unpaid’ or ‘Open’ being displayed prominently for the sender.
  • Gadget users are now able to view payments received from the sender within the email.

Zoho Projects

  • Users can now create a new Project directly from the email, and share it with co-workers.
  • It’s now possible to transform an email into an actionable task in Zoho Projects and share it with the appropriate agent within your organization.
  • Users are now able to redirect the relevant contents of an email and make it an open forum post available for discussion.
  • Contextual Gadgets now make it simple to assign a task to any of your team members from within the email message.

If you would like more information regarding Zoho Projects Contextual Gadgets,visit Nubifer.com.

Zoho CRM, Invoice & Projects are already part of the Google Apps Marketplace, and are currently being leveraged by thousands of businesses using Google Apps.

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