Zoho Creator Adds Reporting & Scheduler Modules

Zoho Corp., a leader in Software as a Service business applications, announced Wednesday October 6th that their ‘Zoho Creator’ offering now allows users to create situational applications. Over the past few years, Zoho has had over 300,000 apps created on this platform, and as Zoho Creator evolves as a leading work-flow engine, they are introducing two key modules to Zoho Creator – Reports & Schedules.

Zoho offers SaaS applications and provides a wide, integrated portfolio of rich online applications for businesses. With more than 20 different applications spanning Collaboration, Business and Productivity, Zoho helps businesses and organizations get work done. Zoho’s applications are delivered via the Internet, requiring nothing but a browser, enabling organizations to focus on their business while leveraging Zoho in order to maintain the servers and keep data safe.

Reports Module
Zoho is introducing a powerful business intelligence module in Zoho Reports that lets users create different types of reports and pivot tables.This Reporting module is now integrated into Zoho Creator allowing users to analyze the data they have in their application. Users are now able to:

  • Create dynamic reports based on the data contained in their Creator app
  • Generate Pivot Tables (including multi-level pivots) with a range of options
  • Filter & Sort data with a report builder interface
  • Embed & Share reports with team members or by embedding them on a website

Scheduler Module
The newly introduced scheduler module lets users create and schedule automated tasks. These tasks can be triggered by user input or at pre-set times and/or dates. There are three general schedule types:

  • Form Schedules, which lets users configure actions to be executed based on any date/date time field in a form
  • Report Schedules lets users schedule periodic reports of data that has been added to their application
  • Custom Schedule give users the power to create and execute their own scripts

Reports Pricing

  • Two reports are available for free users and paid users with ‘Basic’ and ‘Standard’ plans.
  • Unlimited Reports are available for Paid users (Professional plans and above)

Scheduler Pricing

  • Scheduler module is available for all paid users. It includes 31 schedulers.
  • A 15 day trial version is available for free users.

These two modules are available for use now and are readily available at http://www.zoho.com.  For more information on Zoho’s suite of SaaS applications, and migration best practices please contact a Nubifer representative today. www.Nubifer.com -or- (800) 293 4496.

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