Zoho Launches “Zoho Support” for Cloud Based Customer Support

The Zoho Family welcomed a new addition on November 10: Zoho Support. The web-based help desk software helps organizations to easily manage and respond to perpetually-increasing customer support inquiries arriving via a variety of channels, from phone and email to website and self-service portals. In our current era of real-time communication and instant gratification, customers have come to expect punctual answers to their questions.

Zoho Support provides this with its innovative web interface, which allows technicians to prioritize customer tickets, locate the correct response, and promptly respond to the customer.

Often times, the fastest way for customers to get support is via self-service, and Zoho Support boasts features that members of the support organization to publish solutions to known issues in a customer portal. This enables customers to solve their problem before contacting your staff. Customers can also submit and track tickets in the customer portal.

Zoho Support is comprised of the following modules, or tabs:

  • Requests: The requests tabs aids technicians in prioritizing the support requests coming in from customers. The support request can be taken care of in a variety of ways. For example: those requests that are assigned to me, or those requests that are unread.
    A support manager may want to see which requests are overdue and must be address immediately. It is often hard to programmatically determine (i.e. through an email or a form) if a request is high-priority or who it should go to, thus the request module helps organizations triage these support requests so they can be directed to the appropriate team.
  • Accounts & Contacts: This tab provides a view into the support operation through a customer perspective and, most importantly, organizations can define, track and enforce specific SLAs they may have agreed to with their customers. All support requests are unique; two that might look identical may have a different priority depending on the SLA that was promised to each individual customer.
  • Reports & Dashboards: This tab provides a quick view into how your support organization is doing, so you can quickly obtain a large amount of data that will allow you to make the best decisions both for your business and your customers. What products are getting the most support requests, for example. What incidents are occurring the most often? What support group (or rep) as the slowest response time?
  • Tasks: This tab serves as a simplified to-do list for a support rep—either with external activities, like responding to a customer with a particular solution or diagnosis, or external ones, like research or trying a new approach. This helps everyone in the support team to remain organized and allows the support manager to have a simplified look at what everyone is working on.
  • Solutions Database: This module allows support reps to create and publish (internally or externally) solutions to the most common customer issues. When published externally, a solution is automatically available in the customer portal, so it can be easily located by customers.
  • Workflow, API and more: This includes automating tasks, assignments, alerts with the workflow rules; integrate with other systems via the APT; maintain details of your catalogue (skus, release dates, support windows), and more.

Zoho Support is already integrated with Zoho CRM, so you can smoothly transition from selling to supporting. Zoho Chat is also integrated, so your support agents can easily find what they are looking for not only in the solutions database but from their colleagues over IM while they’re on the phone with a customer.

Zoho Support is available immediately via paid plans starting at $12 per month per agent for Enterprises and large support organizations. Unlimited-user plans for smaller companies that process up to 200 tickets per day are also available and Zoho Support additionally offers a free plan.

For more information regarding Zoho’s suite of officing applications visit www.nubifer.com.

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