Zoho CRM Adds QuickBooks and Telephony Integration

Zoho Corp., a leader in Software as a Service business applications, announced Wednesday December 8th that their ‘Zoho CRM’ offering now allows users to leverage QuickBooks software and Telephony Integration. Over the past few years, Zoho has had over 300,000 apps created on this platform, and as Zoho CRM evolves as a leading work-flow engine, they are introducing two key modules to Zoho CRM – QuickBooks & Telephony integration.

Zoho offers SaaS applications and provides a wide, integrated portfolio of rich online applications for businesses. With more than 20 different applications spanning Collaboration, Business and Productivity, Zoho helps businesses and organizations get work done. Zoho’s applications are delivered via the Internet, requiring nothing but a browser, enabling organizations to focus on their business while leveraging Zoho in order to maintain the servers and keep data safe.

Zoho CRM for QuickBooks

Zoho’s most recent CRM integration will help users sync information between their Zoho CRM and QuickBooks applications. This update now enables a business’ Customer and Inventory data to be synced between these two leading-edge officing and productivity systems. As QuickBooks doesn’t offer a per user model, this Add-on can be licensed for the entire organization for $25/Month.

Key features of the QuickBooks update for Zoho CRM include:

  • Zoho CRM for QuickBooks syncs Contacts, Vendors, Products, Quotes, Invoices and the Sales Orders modules.
  • Users can choose to import data from both systems or the Sync data automatically
  • Users have the option to choose which system gets a priority when there is conflicting data
  • Users have options to map data fields between Zoho CRM & QuickBooks
  • Zoho CRM Integrates with on-premise versions of QuickBooks Premier from 2008 to 2010 and also Simple Start  2008

Zoho PhoneBridge – Telephony Integration

As the name suggests, PhoneBridge connects your Telephone system(PBX) with Zoho CRM and allows you to interact with your CRM account during all your inbound and outbound calls. This add-on connects data from Zoho CRM with the telephony systems. For incoming and outgoing calls from your telephone, Zoho CRM can pull up the information of the caller, if available in the CRM system, and display that information in the app allowing you to log information for the contact.

Where is it used? Consider the case of a Call Center. Cold Calling, telemarketing calls, telesales calls,customer care, customer support –  these are the typical operations of call centers. They can leverage the data from the CRM System during a call.

This feature is available immediately. This module is proceed at $6/user/month after a 15 day trial.

Contact Nubifer representative to discover how Zoho CRM can work for your business.

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