Organizations Leveraging the Cloud

In a recent poll by CDW, it found that nearly 28 % of all US based companies are leveraging the cloud, while almost 75% said that their first access to the cloud was through a simple cloud application.

The Cloud Computing Tracking Poll was conducted as a review of the current and future use of the cloud by business organizations and  government offices which was based on a survey of nearly 1,200 IT professionals.

About 84% of the organizations said that they have deployed at least one cloud application, while some others are not aware if they are a part of the users who are in the cloud.

“Many organizations are carefully – and selectively – moving into cloud computing, as well they should, because it represents a significant shift in how computing resources are provided and managed,” said David Cottingham, senior director, CDW. “With thoughtful planning, organizations can realize benefits that align directly with their organizational goals: consolidated IT infrastructure, reduced IT energy and capital costs, and ‘anywhere’ access to documents and applications.”

CDW mentioned that applications most frequently run in the cloud are service applications, such as email or docs, which have about half of the cloud users, file storage has 39 % of users, web and video conferencing has 36 and 32 % respectively, and 34 % of the respondents are the ones conducting online training programs.

Among those currently leveraging the cloud, almost 85 % said they cut application costs by moving to the cloud. On an average, users said, they save 21 % annually on those applications which are migrated to a cloud platform.

“The potential to cut costs while maintaining or even enhancing computing capabilities for end users presents a compelling case for investment in cloud computing,” Cottingham said. “The fact that even current cloud users anticipate spending just a third of their IT budget on cloud computing within five years suggests that before wide-scale implementation, IT managers are taking a hard look at their IT governance, architecture, security and other prerequisites for cloud computing, in order to ensure that their implementations are successful.”

This survey included 150 individuals from various industries who thought of themselves as familiar with their organization’s use of, or plans for cloud computing, a report on the CDW website said.

To learn more about how your organization can leverage cloud applications, visit

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