Kentico Portal, a CMS for the Cloud

Cloud computing has been gaining momentum for the last few years, and has recently become required ingredient in every robust enterprise IT environment. Leading CMS vendor, and Nubifer partner, Kentico Software, took a step forward recently when they announced that their CMS Portals are now supported by the leading Cloud platforms. This means that you can now decide to deploy Kentico either on premise in your own IT landscape, using a public Cloud platform (such as Amazon or Windows Azure), or leveraging a hybrid model (with a database behind a firewall and a front end in the cloud).

Kentico Software sees the cloud computing as an important step for their customers. The recent releases of Kentico CMS “…removes barriers for our customers who are looking at their enterprise cloud computing strategy. Regardless of whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, Kentico CMS is ready,” says Kentico Software CEO, Petr Palas.
Based on the influence of cloud, mobile devices and social media, the online needs of users and customers have changed significantly in recent years. The days of simple brochure-esque websites targeting traditional browser devices with one-way communication are quickly coming to an end. The web has evolved to become much more sophisticated medium. A business website is no longer a destination; rather, it is a central nexus for commercial engagement.Nubifer realizes that a business site today needs to cover the gamut – it needs to be visually appealing, it needs to have an intuitive information architecture, it needs to deliver dynamic, rich, compelling content, it needs to have mechanisms for visitor interaction, it needs to be optimized for speed and responsiveness, it needs to be highly scalable and it needs to deliver an excellent experience to traditional browser devices like desktops and laptops.
Kentico identified that in order to deal with the huge demand for web content from the social and mobile Internet, business websites need to be built with scalability at the forefront of the engineer’s minds. This is where the Cloud and Kentico CMS meet; elastic infrastructure which can be optimized to adapt to the growing needs of your business. Whether this is Infrastructure-as-a-Service ( IaaS ), or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Kentico CMS provides turn-key solutions to the various options available which will allow your organization’s web properties to scale efficiently and economically.Kentico’s cloud optimized CMS platform enables organizations to deploy their portal in minutes and easily create a fully-configured, fault-tolerant and load-balanced cluster. Kentico’s cloud-ready portal deployments automatically scale to meet the needs’ of customers, which can vary widely depending on the number of projects, the number of people working on each project and users’ geographic locations.
By automatically and dynamically growing and reducing the number of servers on the cloud, those leveraging a Kentico CMS solution can reduce costs, only paying for the system usage as needed, while maintaining optimum system performance.”Kentico Software shares our vision of driving the expansion and delivery of new capabilities in the cloud,” said Chad Collins, Nubifer CEO. “The Kentico CMS brings automation, increased IT control and visibility to users, who understand the advantages of creating and deploying scalable portal solutions in the cloud.”
About Kentico CMS
Kentico CMS is an affordable Web content management system providing a complete set of features for building websites, community sites, intranets and on-line stores on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. It supports WYSIWYG editing, workflows, multiple languages, full-text search, SEO, on-line forms, image galleries, forums, groups, blogs, polls, media libraries and is shipped with 250+ configurable Web parts. It’s currently used by more than 6,000 websites in 84 countries.

Kentico Software clients include Microsoft, McDonald’s, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Brussels Airlines, Mazda, Ford, Subaru, Isuzu, Samsung, Gibson, ESPN, Guinness, DKNY, Abbott Labs, Medibank, and others.

About Kentico Software
Kentico Software ( helps clients create professional websites, online stores, community sites and intranets using Kentico CMS for ASP.NET. It’s committed to deliver a full-featured, enterprise-class, stable and scalable Web Content Management solution on the Microsoft .NET platform. Founded in 2004, Kentico is headquartered in the Czech Republic and has a U.S. office in Nashua, NH. Since its inception, Kentico has continued to rapidly expand the Kentico CMS user base worldwide.Kentico Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. In 2010, Kentico was named the fastest growing technology company in the Czech Republic in the Deloitte Technology FAST 50 awards. For more information about Kentico’s CMS offerings, and how it can add value to your web properties, contact Nubifer today.

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