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Jabber Now Supported on Zoho Chat

Launched Wednesday August 4th, the ever-popular Jabber protocol will be supported on Zoho Chat. This enables users to log-in with their personal Zoho credentials and chat with colleagues and personnel if the enterprise network contains a Jabber client. This latest Zoho update interoperates with a multitude of Jabber clients including desktop, web and mobile clients.


  • Zoho Chat now supports Jabber. Users can connect to Zoho Chat from any desktop/web/mobile clients
  • Zoho Chat is a multi-protocol IM App that is integrated across all Zoho Apps
  • Zoho Chat can also be used for support when embedded on websites
  • Supports notifications on the desktop clients (for document sharing, missed messages)

In Zoho’s previous release, Jabber on the client side was supported, thus permitting users to connect to other Jabber networks from the Zoho Chat client. With this most recent update, Zoho Chat supports Jabber protocol on the server side allowing you to connect to Zoho from any chat client (encrypted connections only), creating many interesting business use case scenarios.

If your business environment is anything like ours here at, you need to remain constantly connected to your partners, clients and colleagues. This newest release from Zoho allows users to log-in to their mobile device and run the application in the background. While on Jabber clients, Zoho Chat users can view the status of other connected members, view their profile photos, receive ‘Typing’ notifications, set a users current status and much more. Users will also be notified whenever a connection tries to establish a chat (if the mobile app supports push notifications).

‘Idle Detection’ is also supported with this newest Zoho Chat release. A primary feature in the Zoho Chat Jabber Support release is the ability to retrieve Zoho Groups (Personal groups) from a users account and initiate a group chat from the subscribers preferred desktop Client.

Site Support and Notifications

A highly sought after feature from us here at Nubifer, as well as from other Zoho users, was the ability to support customers chat requests from a desktop client. With this recent release, Zoho Chat can now be embedded on a subscribers website to receive support requests. With this update, users can receive notifications from their website visitors in the subscribers’ preferred desktop client. Once these invitations to chat are received, a user can accept the invitation and initiate a chat session with the website visitors.

Available on users’ desktop clients, Zoho Chat now contains a notification system which alerts a subscriber a document is shared, when someone responds to a topic in Zoho Discussions, or when a chat is missed. Please contact a representative to learn more about Zoho’s multitude of Cloud hosted officing applications.

Here is what you need to try Zoho Chat on your favorite chat client.

  • Protocol: XMPP/Jabber
  • Username: Zoho username
  • Password: Your Zoho Password
  • Domain:
  • Jabber ID:

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