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Zoho Sheet 2.0 launches on August 31st 2010, with support for Million Cell Spreadsheets

Zoho, an industry leader in cloud hosted officing software, announced today the launch of Zoho Sheet 2.0. Among the many added features of Zoho Sheet, is the newly added support for million cell spreadsheets.

When a user logs-in to Zoho Sheet 2.0, they will not notice much change visually, but there have been many performance improvements on the back-end. Frequent users of Zoho’s increasingly popular spreadsheet app will notice the performance and interoperability improvements instantly. Regarding the performance of the app, Zoho enhanced the back-end engine significantly upgrading its performance, allowing users of Zoho Sheet 2.0 to load large and complex spreadsheets with instant response times.

Zoho Sheet’s One Million Cell Spreadsheet

At Nubifer Inc., we are constantly working with extensive spreadsheets, and were infinitely familiar with constant freezes and over-consumption of local compute resources. This is no longer an issue for our teams, as Zoho Sheet is completely online with all the heavy lifting being done on the server side, keeping our client side agile and nimble.

With Zoho’s latest product update, subscribers can now create a million cell spreadsheet. Zoho Sheet 2.0 supports 65,536 rows and 256 columns per worksheet, creating 1 Million Cells per spreadsheet project. Supporting a million cells is an important feature, but maintaining efficient load-times with large spreadsheets was the primary goal with Zoho Sheet 2.0. Waiting as long as 5 minutes to load very large spreadsheets is no longer an issue, this can now be experienced instantly within your web browser. We here at Nubifer encourage you to give it a test drive, and witness for yourself how agile and efficient response is while using Zoho Sheet 2.0.

Here is an example embedded spreadsheet with 25,000 rows. The performance on the return is quite impressive.

In addition to the improved performance metrics, here are some other great features designed to aid functionality and work flow.

Chrome & Safari Browser Support

Zoho Sheet now officially supports Chrome 4+, Safari 4+, Firefox 2+ and IE 6+.

Some Additionally Impressive Improvements

  • Users can now directly input Chinese, Japanese & Korean characters without having to double-click on a cell.
  • Improved ‘Find’ functionality. Control+F will now bring up the ‘Find’ panel at the bottom of the spreadsheet with options to search within the row, column or sheet.
  • The ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ actions now work across the spreadsheet and are maintained on a per-user basis while collaborating with other users.
  • You can now set formats and styles on column, row, and sheet tiers.

Are you an existing user? If not, you probably wont see many changes visually, but you will experience these enhancements when working with Zoho Sheets 2.0.

Zoho is tirelessly working on performance updates to their cloud-hosted officing applications. Some updates are cosmetic for look and feel, while others are performance based. The overwhelming majority of Zoho’s updates go under the hood. For these updates, users may not notice anything visually, but these updates are significant and lay the groundwork for things to come in the future.

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